24 thoughts on “Free Facebook Icons – ‘Like Us’ and ‘Find Us’

  1. Hi Monique,
    It depends what email provider you are using. But in gmail you will go to Settings and under signature there is a little button for placing an image. Unfortunately, gmail does not allow you to hyperlink the image to your facebook profile.
    If you can use outlook, just google ‘creating email signatures in outlook’ and you’ll find tutorials for that.
    best of luck!

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  3. Really like these, but unfortunately I’ve been reading up Facebook’s guidelines (as well as Twitter’s):

    Modifying the F logo like this is actually against their usage policies.

    And for Twitter, I was surprised they don’t have have a square logo with only a “t”! Those are probably all fan-made as well.

  4. Thanks Wendy! Quite surprising how restrictive their guidelines are. I’ll get some ‘standards compliant’ logos up here asap.

  5. Help get a find us on facebook button. want to put on Our Organization website.
    or give give me direction on my email

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  7. Any word on where we can find the “find us” logos that are compliant with FB policies? I love these logos but they are modified and thus do not conform with facebook’s rules….

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