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Your brand is your first impression and the beginning of the story that you and others tell about your business. From the first images, colors, and words people see around your business, they form an impression before even experiencing your products of services.

FourTen Creative helps you create a story worth telling about your business from the exploration of what makes you brand unique down to the design of everything that is seen or touched in the customer journey.


Our brand discovery process focuses on drawing out the uniqueness of every business or organization. From surveys and interviews to industry comparable research, we take a thorough approach to defining your brand.


Our logo design process includes multiple concepts and revision rounds to ensure that the final product is something you can be proud of. We pride ourselves and delivering high quality logo files ready to use in all of your digital and print communication.


FourTen delivers documented brand guidelines to ensure the hard work we do together during your branding project is accessible to others inside or outside your organization. From brand colors and fonts to specific image and tagline usage, we capture your brand story in this vital document.


Once you have defined your brand, you want to get it out to the world. From business cards to pop-up banners, we customize every collateral package to fit your business needs.

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