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How can I make WordPress load faster? WPEngine Feature

By March 24, 2016March 30th, 2016No Comments

Yes, this is totally an advertisement, but only because it’s been a major issue for my clients with higher demands on their WordPress websites. So often, we build a brand spankin’ new WordPress website just to see it load at a snail’s pace on a shared hosting server. And I should know, my own site is (was) on shared hosting. Not ideal, I know. So how can I make WordPress load faster without going through one of those super long and technical blog posts? The answer is to improve your hosting.

Now, there are plenty of technical reasons your site may not load well. Have you tried caching? Have you optimized your images? Have you made sure you are not running a super bloated theme? Ok, now that you’ve decided you have that under control or can’t be bothered, let’s look at the importance of hosting your site on a capable platform and check out WPEngine’s new Speed Test tool to dig into those other boring details as well.

WPEngine offers a hosting environment focused on what makes WordPress work best and delivers essential tools like CDN, backups, staging environments (my fav), and other awesomeness. I recommend them as a solution to needing higher performance than a shared hosting option like Bluehost and not being able to afford a server admin to manage your VPS. I’m also checking out Digital Ocean as a great performance option but struggling with command line tasks. Not so with WPEngine!

We’re also aware that speed is essential to conversion rates and SEO rankings; every second of additional load time on a website will inevitably turn into lost revenue. Luckily, you can evaluate the root causes of decreasing site speed with WP Engine’s new WordPress Speed Test. This is an incredibly helpful tool for site owners to recognize that they are losing money with every additional second it takes for their site to load.
Test your website with the WP Engine WordPress Speed Test.


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