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How often should I update my website?

By December 17, 2015March 24th, 2016No Comments


Find yourself asking ‘How often should I update my website?’ Well, I’m here to help. The answer: Constantly.

There you go, thanks for reading! Just kidding, let’s dig deeper into four reasons to update your website on a consistent basis because the reasons are varied.



Most websites are utilizing a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress these days. That’s great news for the website owner, but the majority of those sites are not consistently updated and are left to languish on some shared server with weak passwords and out-of-date software. That is a huge security risk which can be avoided through proactive updating and monitoring. We happen to provide such a service.


Search Engine Optimization

Updating your website should be focused on keeping your content relevant to your potential audience. This just so happens to be the goal of Google—to deliver relevant content to their search customers. If you are providing high quality, optimized content on a consistent basis, Google takes note.

It’s also worth noting that SEO is constantly changing and so are the topics one is searching on, so a consistent investment in the development of your content with an eye toward search relevance will help you maintain or improve your search engine position.

Do you know how your site performs in search engines? Contact us to learn more.



Just as constant improvement is required to compete in Search, the conversion of those new visitors to qualified leads is a constant process as well. The practice of conversion optimization includes ongoing monitoring of your key landing pages and conversion paths to improve the movement of your visitors through your site and into your sales funnel. A combination of heat map software, analytics, and A/B testing can be leveraged toward this ongoing process aimed at increasing the value your website brings to your business.



Aside from the measure of relevance reflected in search engines, you want your website to communicate to potential customers that you are aware of their needs and the modern business market. You have a split second to make a significant impression on your website visitor and you don’t want to blow it by not updating dated images, design elements, or even by neglecting the mobile experience.

If you haven’t made updating your website a priority, consider it in your upcoming budgeting or scheduling to give it the attention it deserves. Next time you ask ‘How often should I update my website?’, you’re already behind, so get to work and contact us if you need assistance in the process.


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