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Internet Nostalgia and Disaster Recovery

By December 3, 2009No Comments

Internet Nostalgia

Remember when a table-based set of hot-linked images was the newest thing in webpages? No? Well, maybe you were too busy searching the internet on WebCrawler or checking out new bands on UBL or were stuck in AOL’s proprietary version of the web like I was. If that’s the case, check out the Internet Archive Wayback Machine for a trip down bad web design memory lane.

Disaster Recovery

On a more useful note, I just used the Wayback Machine to recover data for a client whose website was lost when their hosting company experienced ‘a regrettable loss’. The time and money you’ve invested in producing content for your site can be recovered to some degree if you check it out! Just don’t go looking for any of my old websites…seriously, don’t…it’sĀ embarrassing.

Scott Bothel

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