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No Cost Marketing Ideas for Your Small Business

By May 13, 2020No Comments

As COVID-19 slows down and closes the doors of some businesses, good business wisdom says to double down on marketing and growth strategies while you have the bandwidth and the market shows less competition. But what if your marketing budget just evaporated you were forced to cut your staff half? These are the difficult realities for many small businesses, so it’s good to think creatively about what no-cost marketing ideas could help you re-invigorate your small business once you are able to resume normal operations.

Here are 5 simple ideas to build your marketing presence without spending a dime.

Build Marketing Content

Most business owners face a deficit of time every day. They wish they could focus more on marketing efforts, but the day-to-day operations just won’t allow it! Well, now is your chance to sit down and review your marketing content. From LinkedIn profiles, to Facebook Page About sections, to your website, blog, email drip campaigns. All of these can be tweaked and expanded with your focused time investment.


Tap Into Your Network

Everybody knows that they need to take advantage of networking, but not everyone realizes how big their network might be. Apart from your current LinkedIn connections, look back through your email accounts, your billing platforms, and old sales lead logs. Build that biggest list possible to let people know you are still in business and looking for connections. Especially in this time, people will be more willing to help you out and keep the economy moving forward in their community.


Form Partnerships

Not every partnership has to be obvious. Maybe your roofing company and a local plumber don’t work directly together, but you can leverage each other’s networks and current client base to create mutually beneficial crossover. There are many ways to strike up creative partnerships once you get your minds together. Thanks to the folks at the Bothell/Kenmore Chamber for this idea and more. Your local Chamber of Commerce also likely has lots of partnership ideas for you and other members.


Reward Referrals

Your existing and past client base possess some of the best knowledge for promoting your company. They know how great you are to work with! When you reward referrals from past clients, you also create a returning customer. It’s a win-win-win to offer service credits and create goodwill with your best word-of-mouth sales team.


Raise Your Public Profile

So you’re not in Instagram yet for your business? (Me neither.) Maybe now is the time to take that next step in putting your name, face, or business offerings out there. Maybe it’s time to join some meet-ups, attend city council meetings, serve a local non-profit. Get out there and be seen in your community and hand them your card while you’re at it. When you raise your public profile, you build goodwill and trust in you and your business. And you can contribute more to your community! Maybe serve a local food bank by promoting a food drive to your clients?


As you invest your time in marketing your business, I hope you create some no rhythms that go beyond our current break in the normal rush of business. Invest in relationships, reward loyalty, and innovate new ways to reach and serve your customers. Let us know if any of these tips work for you!

Scott Bothel

I'm a digital marketing consultant living and working in the Greater Seattle area. My passion is to help small businesses leverage web marketing to accomplish great things!